Mystics - Birth of a Sold Out NFT Collection
Anatomy of a 5k Animated NFT Collection
I was hired by the founder of Mystics NFT to create a walk cycle for a random generated collection of 5k animated NFT's. He wanted the sneaky walk cycle made popular by Markus Magnusson and from his course "The magic of walk cycles" from Motion Design School. It started out to be a small ask of a base walk cycle with different colored wardrobe. Then the project just kept growing with all kinds of creative outfits, traits and character variations. Nuriddin Khaitov (Grood Ink) created the base artwork from sketch to illustrator files. I would then get the artwork and animate it into the base character rig. The project gained a huge twitter following and sold out after minting. Here is a breakdown of the animation I built for the project.​​​​​​​
The "Base" Walk Cycle
The first version that was made had the hoodie tip. We then made a casual hoodie with no tip that was better for custom traits, so it became the new base hoodie along with an updated base color.
The Base hoodie and Shorts
Hoodie Variations
Cat Ears, Bunny Ears, Casual, Monster, and Spiked Hoodies
Pant Variations
The legs were animated frame by frame with shape layers, so it was difficult to add attachments.
We ended up doing Zip Pocket Shorts, Track pants, Cape shorts and a Skirt.
Hooded Jacket, Rain Jacket, Parka, and Track Jacket
The shoes were also animated frame by frame with shape layers, so we didn't get too crazy with variations.
We ended up doing Lace Up Boots, Sneakers, along with fun Snake, Frog and Puppy shoes.
There was a wide variety of creative backpacks. Here are just few from the collection that are not already pictured.
Hand Traits
There were a lot of fun hand traits to add to the characters. Here are a few of my favorites.
There were lots of fun eyes to use with characters. Not all were animated, but here are some that I added movement to.
Character Comps
The project really shines in the character compositions combines animal clothing with corresponding traits to make rare NFTs.
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