Grandma's Kitchen Styleframes
15 sec spot
Protein shakes that actually taste good. Like your grandma’s desserts. This summer, Grandma’s Kitchen is releasing five new flavors of our award-winning protein shake. We could think of no better way to release the news than through a 15 second animation. Our goal is to express the sense of extreme satisfaction to our viewers
- that feeling you get when you just had the best meal of your life.
The Brief
Surprise! We don’t have a script! Since we want to create a feeling with this commercial, we thought we’d go about it in a nontraditional way. We’re hoping that you’ll be able to use the information we’ve given you here to craft a world that screams “SATISFYING!” It might be nice to showcase the versatility of our shakes too - you can drink them anywhere: at the gym, camping, etc. So let’s use 2-3 of our new summer flavors to create this magical world and pull it all together with clever transitions. Our brand is colorful, adventurous, organic, and homemade. We’re obviously not afraid of fun, wild flavors, so that should tell you something about us!

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