Styleframes for a Ad Campaign Pitch
Normal Coffee “PICK ME UP” :15
Scene 01 VO: When your day is dragging
Scene 02 VO: And you need a little pick-me-up
Scene 03 VO: Order it ahead and get back on your feet
Scene 04 "Action Shot"
Scene 05 VO: Get back to NORMAL.
The ReBrief
Thank you so much for providing us with the wonderful frames last week! We regrouped with our team and are loving the style but need to request a few changes.

1. We want to stay true to our mission to represent the diversity of our customer base. Could we change the character to an African American female?
2. We’ve found room in the budget for a character animator and are looking to express more emotion and life in the protagonist. This could be added through the character posing or her facial expression.
3. Let’s add an extra frame before the lockup, highlighting our protagonist doing something active with their newfound energy. This could be biking, walking a dog, jogging, etc. We’ll leave it up to you!
4. (Optional) If you have time, we’d be interested in exploring adding character to the coffee or donut. Nothing too crazy - maybe a subtle wink or smile
The Original Brief
We’re looking for 3 styleframes that feature a male character grabbing a pipin’ hot cup of coffee and a delicious donut. Due to the timeline and budget, this character should be simple with no facial expressions. It’s more about the product than the person, but we still want to include that human interaction

1. A frame with a mid body shot of the character.
2. A second frame featuring the character’s hand holding a donut.
3. A third frame should have a full body shot of the character with
his purchase.
4. We will also need one additional frame that is a lockup with the
logo and coffee cup, or bag of donuts with the logo on it.

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