Every year, Camp Cloakwood hosts the Annual Wizards and Witches Mountain Retreat. It’s a place for tortured souls and fantastical beings to gather in a safe space and learn to hone their supernatural skills. In reality, this is a fun overnight camp environment in which adults can indulge in their most exciting childhood fantasies. Camp counselors teach the dark arts of spell book binding, broom maintenance and more.
Scene 1 VO: Welcome, wizards and witches! Every fall, tortured souls like you migrate to Camp Cloakwood.
Scene 2 VO: Here you’ll learn: How to teach an old dragon new tricks
Scene 3 VO: Flying broom maintenance
Scene 4 VO: Potion brewing
Scene 4 VO: Spell book binding
Scene 4 VO:  Cooking with serpents and rodents... and much more
Scene 5 VO:  So pack your robes, cloaks and pointy hats. And meet us this fall... 
Scene 6 VO:  At the Annual Wizards and Witches Mountain Retreat.
Full color refined storyboards
Refined sketch stage of the storyboard process

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