Motion Pro Illustration
In motion design you have to constantly push yourself to learn new techniques in animation. Motion Design School's Motion Pro is a deep dive into building rigs to achieve adjustable animation with fewer keyframes by combining expressions and keyframes. The course also teaches you how to mix styles from 2D, faux 3D and integrating 3D into one cohesive look. 

This project originated from some extra illustrations by @renaud_lavency. I found it to be a perfect challenge to put these concepts into practice, and to work with one of the great illustrators in our industry. 

 Character Rigs
All of the rigs with exception of the walk cycles are animated without keys with a custom sine XY script where you can adjust all of the parameters.
Scene Composition Rigs

Brad Eaton

Renaud Lavency

Motion Pro Instructor
Denis Bondartsov

Iaroslav Kononov

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